Introducing the food52 shop!

December 11, 2009

Some of you may have noticed a new button on the left hand side of the page (it's been hanging out there quietly for over a week). We haven't publicized the shop until now because we wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly. Now that it is, we'd love for you to stop in and have a look around.

In the shop, we've gathered some of our favorite books, artisanal food, cookware and tabletop items for you to browse -- and we've provided links to the producers' websites in case you'd like to buy anything. Right now, the shop is stocked with our personal picks, and we plan to expand it over the next several weeks. But before too long, we hope to crowd-source some of the offerings, as we do the food52 recipe database. After all, no one could be better at knowing what the food52 community likes than all of you who are part of it.

Shop the Story

We're still thinking about the best way to do this, so if you have any ideas please leave them in the comments section below. You can also let us know about any small food producers and artisans that you think we should include by leaving a comment. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy exploring the shop!


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lastnightsdinner December 16, 2009
If I had one of these I'd wear it all the time:
Amanda H. December 19, 2009
very cool.
TasteFood December 15, 2009
And now that you are featuring a cheese store, I have to mention the Cheese Board in Berkeley. It's a collective, and they have every cheese I can think of (and I am demanding in this dept.) The sales staff knows their stuff as they are part owners, the quality is impeccable and the prices are great. If they had living quarters I would move in.
Amanda H. December 19, 2009
I didn't realize the Cheese Board shipped cheese -- will add this to the list, thanks!
TasteFood December 14, 2009
Monterey Fish Market in Berkeley is worthy of mention. Founded by Paul Johnson, author of Fish Forever, the Monterey Fish Market sells sustainable seafood. His staff has a broad understanding of . conservation, availability and cooking techniques, while recipes created by Paul are provided online. Overnight shipment is available. I'll be heading there tomorrow to pick up a side of salmon I've ordered to make gravlax for this weekend.
Amanda H. December 15, 2009
We've been looking for a fish source -- this is great to know. Thanks.
Amanda H. December 14, 2009
Thank you for all of these great suggestions -- offline, we're starting to build a list.
kitchenwitchcookie December 13, 2009
I cannot resist mentioning my gourmet, ready-to-bake treats which can be found at: I would be happy to send you some delicious samples to try for yourselves in hopes that you might add them to your new shop! (The best part? In addition to being tasty, convenient and mess-free, they are all-natural and contain no hydrogenated oils. A must for me as a mom!)

Littlepots December 13, 2009
Here in Portland OR, there are many fantastic artisanal companies using local PacificNW ingredients. We would love our tarts to be considered as an addition to the site ( Additionally, please check out Blossom Vinegars, Vibrant Flavors and DePaula Confections for more local goodness.
dymnyno December 11, 2009
Cowgirl Creamery(cheese), Straus Dairy, Rancho Gordo (beans), Napa Style (very commercial but nice) all in the SF Bay area with websites.
dymnyno December 11, 2009
Omnivore Books is my all time favorite cook book store . Thank god that it is almost 85 miles from my house. The owner is really a great girl ...she also ownes the pet store next door. And, she lives next door to my favorite cousin in Tomales.
Kelsey B. December 11, 2009
How fun! I love this, though my credit card does not! My newest favorite kitchen product you might like are Krug & Ryan butcher blocks. I actually just ordered one for my husband for Christmas (shhh, don't tell!) since we are due for an upgrade. I've met the craftsman, John, several times and these are the real deal. Plus, he does custom work building them into kitchen islands, etc. Take a look!

Also, SchoolHouse Kitchen products rock - and are made right in B'Klyn! They are definitely worth a look too, their mustards and chutneys are AWESOME! (Perfect for eating with ham, in fact.)
Merrill S. December 11, 2009
Thanks, Kelsey! We'll definitely check out both of your recommendations.