Spring Comes to Tom's Farm

March 22, 2012

If you love Sunday Dinners, you'll get a kick out of this: starting today our very own Tom Hirschfeld will be sharing occasional snapshots here on Feed52 of life on his farm in Indiana. Tom, take it away:

"Spring fever means a bona fide front porch bath. It's a rite of spring (or the first day that is warm enough if March 20 isn't) for us that constitutes a hot bath on the front porch. And because sisters will be sisters, it did not take long for the splashing to begin."

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Now that's an amazing family tradition -- and what an incredible photograph. What are your best memories of spring?

Photo by Tom Hirschfeld

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    Kitchen Butterfly
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Kitchen B. March 23, 2012
Oh, my heart. That's the epitome of bursting/springing forth. My best memories of spring are from the Netherlands (as in Nigeria you dont see many changes in the landscape). Its seeing the first signs - cherry blossoms at the base of tree trunks, crocuses and tulips pushing up and just the freshness of the air. Thank you for sharing
Shalini March 22, 2012
What a great moment to capture,they must love that tub!