A Maple Syrup Substitute - No Artificial Flavors Needed

April 10, 2012

Sometimes it just happens: you're craving pancakes, whether it's Saturday morning or just a Wednesday night. The pancakes themselves are easy enough -- just pantry staples -- but what about the maple syrup?

Don't even think about running to the corner store for the fake stuff. Instead, make this simple Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Syrup from Bon Appetit. In a pinch, it'll serve you well: with all the warm flavors of maple syrup, it's easily customizable to boot. What if you added a tiny pinch of cayenne for a current of heat under the sweetness?

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Syrup in a Pinch: A Maple Substitute - Bon Appetit

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meganvt01 April 10, 2012
Brilliant - thanks for posting. This happens to me once a month or so when someone forgets to tell me they used the last of the maple syrup