Blogs We Love: Peegaw

April 23, 2012

Where do we even begin with 22-year-old Pigamitha Dimar? From Onion & Pea Bhaji's to Pad Kee Mao to these things, there's no end to what we want to cook out of her stunning food blog, Peegaw.  

Her recipes are impressively global — did we mention the Hand-Torn Noodle Soup? No? — and peppered with heart-warming family anecdotes. From a post on Agua de Tamarind

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I would consider our family to be Nomads because we have relocated to different places from time to time and wherever we’ve lived we would always find out where the best eats were. One of the most vivid memories I have with my father is when we once lived in Cepu, Java and him taking a 5 year-old me on his bike and we went around looking for deep fried doves. He would always give me the meatiest part of the bird and I would watch as he eats the brain with some basil leaves.

But her signature is the meticulously crafted, photographic breakdowns of each recipe by ingredient: 

Our pick for dinner any night? Baked Avocado Fries, followed by Steak Sarnie, and — obviously — don't forget the creme brûlée donuts. And there's always the Stuffed French Toast.

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