Sasha's 90 Seconds on Wine

January  8, 2010

Adorable dog by her side, Sasha tastes a Burgáns lbariño that's perfect for this week's whole fish recipe contest. (Click here to buy.) And don't forget to check out Sasha's site, Spin The Bottle.


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mt97 January 12, 2010
I'll have to check out the Pazo. I also fine the Paco and Lola to be affordable and very drinkable ($16 to $20). One thing is for certain, I like the way those Galician women make wine!
spinthebottleny January 12, 2010
Thanks, mt97! And yes, it's definitely a good value -- it's not easy to find an Albariño for under $20, sadly. For a bit more of a splurge, I really like Pazo de Señorans -- usually see that somewhere between $25-$30. Fun fact about Galicia, the region where these wines come from: more than half of the wine producers are women.
mt97 January 11, 2010
I've had a couple of bottles of this this albarino. It's a great wine and normally a pretty good value! Excellent choice (and you're dog is too cute)!
Kelsey B. January 8, 2010
I enjoy these wine videos. And great advice on letting geography be your guide.
spinthebottleny January 8, 2010
Thanks so much! I enjoy making them. (Although my dog seems awfully blasé about the whole affair.)
Amanda H. January 8, 2010
Kelsey, I loved that detail, too. And Sasha's cute dog.