The Season of Blending

June 26, 2012

July is fast approaching. For most of us, this means that as we tick off calendar days, the oppressively hot summer days - the ones that make us we feel like we’re melting - are ever-increasing. Food-wise, there’s a great defense for days like these, and it comes in the form of milkshakes. (Or other cold beverages, whizzed into delicious frothy goodness by way of a blender.)

To ease your summer blending, The Wall Street Journal Test Kitchen has compiled a list of the greatest options - from the bargain, to the sylish, to, of course, the bi-winning, all-around best.

Blenders from The Wall Street Journal


krusher June 26, 2012
I swear by my top end Blendtec having tried Brevilles and 2 Vita-mix machines. I blend green smoothies twice a day and always the result is amazing. With the other two, the results were not satisfactory. <br />
SKK June 26, 2012
The WSJ article failed to mention that included in the price of $529 you receive 3 jars, an 8 cup, a 4 cup and a 4 cup for grinding dry to be used for grinding flax seeds, making your own flour etc.
SKK June 26, 2012
I love my Vita-Mix and have had it 5 years. The jar doesn't need to go in the dishwasher - simply rinse it out, squirt a little soap add hot water and put it back on the mount and turn it on. Get's all the little bits and pieces out. I also put the jar in the dishwasher about once a month (don't use dry selection) and it is still as clear as the day I got it. <br /> <br />WSJ says it is quoting $649 for the commercial series, and the home kitchen does not need a commercial grade. You can get one for $529. It has a 7 year warranty.