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Pearls of Wisdom: Charlotte Druckman

June 28, 2012

Presenting Pearls of Wisdom -- in conjunction with FOOD52's Recipe Writing Week, we'll be bringing you pro tips from the food world's best chefs and writers. Stay tuned for more every day this week.

In today's first Pearl of Wisdom (there's a second coming up this afternoon!) Charlotte Druckman -- co-founder of our very own Tournament of Cookbooks, writer, and author of the forthcoming Skirt Steak: Women Chefs on Standing the Heat & Staying in the Kitchen (Chronicle, Fall 2012) -- keeps things short and sweet.

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If you heed any of this week's advice, hers is an admirably succinct one to remember:

You always want to describe the desired effect, not just give instructions on how to achieve it. This allows for improvisation, problem solving, and technological difficulties or discrepancies.

There's more to come! At 1:00pm, we'll be sharing Deb Perelman from Smitten Kitchen's advice on recipe writing -- see you this afternoon!

If you're just catching up on Pearls of Wisdom, don't miss advice from Ruth Reichl, JJ Goode, and Rose Levy Beranbaum.


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