A New Farm-to-Table Approach

July  6, 2012

The term ‘farm-to-table’ has been beaten into the ground. Then unearthed and beaten again. As expressions go, it’s exhausted and in desperate need of a makeover. Which is where Barndiva comes in.

With anything farm-to-table, there is always the hypothetical farm and table, but we rarely see them. Barndiva, a restaurant in Sonoma County, changes that In their new visual approach. They’ve made a short film following the journey of one of their dishes, from the fennel bulb pulled out of the ground, to the kitchen, and onto the table where it’s served. And it’s set to orchestral music, which never hurts. Take a look at their video above. We can’t say we mind the new interpretation of the term, and we think you’ll agree.

Every picture tells a story for Barndiva...from SF Gate


Kitchen B. July 10, 2012
What a gorgeous video! My kids and I watched it and before you could say a my 5-year old son was crying about his favourite lamb being killed. I loved the gorgeous plate which was the result of many farmers and producers. Wonderful. But did you notice just how 'male' that kitchen and the whole supply chain was??????
My P. July 6, 2012
Beautiful video showcasing true Sonoma County cuisine! Well deserved publicity for this fabulous local restaurant. Cudos to Barndiva!