Sodium Girl

January 27, 2010

Jessica Goldman, aka Sodium Girl, turned a diagnosis of Lupus and possible kidney failure into her personal food challenge: Could she cut out sodium and still eat like a foodie? The answer is yes. After Goldman learned she had Lupus in 2004, she decided not to take things easy but instead taught herself how to cook on a low-sodium diet. Her blog, Sodium Girl, captures Goldman's obsession with salt—how to avoid it and how not to miss it. There are recipes and cheats, for soy sauce substitutes, DIY potato chips and salt-free pickles, as well as Goldman's recommendations for the best low-sodium canned anchovies and protein bars, among other supermarket finds. She is more than happy to share her tips for adding flavor without salt. When making soups, such as this luscious Fennel Corn Chowder, she suggests adding other intense flavors like roasted vegetables, fresh herbs, a splash of citrus or a pinch of spice. Her posts are light, refreshingly honest and welcome all who cook. Like many of us, we learn that she, too, is a nervous hostess. But perhaps the best part of Sodium Girl's blog are the simple and healthy recipes.

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karenbear May 13, 2010
I am happy to come across your blog! Nice to know I'm not alone. I am on a low-sodium diet b/c of lupus and kidney failure. Thanks for sharing! I will definitely try out your recipes.
melissav January 27, 2010
What a beautiful blog and a lovely reminder of the power of a positive outlook.
Sodium G. January 27, 2010
Thank you for the kind words, Melissa! I love the tome of recipes you have on food52! I'm so excited to try some of your meat dishes...mmm sounds so good right now.
lastnightsdinner January 27, 2010
Another great blog to check out - thanks and congrats on the shout-out, Jessica!
Sodium G. January 27, 2010
Thank you for the love! And since most people don't need to cut out the salt, you can always adjust recipes as needed. But you might just be surprised how good food can taste without it!
lorina3 January 27, 2010
Not only is her story amazing, it's awesome to see how food can be truly delicious without added salt (and come to realize how much of it most of us eat and how much we don't really need). My dad has been using some of Sodium Girl's recipes and generally just getting inspired...and he might even be able to get off his blood pressure medication because of it!

Thanks to both Jessica and Food 52.
lola January 27, 2010
This soup looks delicious and inspires even a non-cook like me to want to hit the kitchen. Thanks for the inspiration Sodium Girl!