Lunch time should always feel like a treat. And packing a brown bag lunch should be stress-free -- no worrying about spills and how to transport dishes. We've rounded up some of our favorite lunch accessories. Whether you're packing lunches for little ones, or bringing leftovers to the office, these 6 items will make you happy to bring lunch from home. 



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Enamel Billy Can

Transporting soup? This enamel billy can comes with its own serving dish and is easy on the eyes. 



If you have to use disposable cutlery, it should look and feel nice. This set also comes with a napkin. 

Term-O Terra Canteen

Keep your coffee or tea (or soup, if you don't want the billy can) nice and warm in this canteen

Muji Containers

Amanda uses these containers for her kids' lunches. Tried and true, we know they make packing lunches a little easier. 

Reusable Snack Bags

Why use plastic sandwich and snack bags when you can be using these? They're washable, reusable, and (the best part) cute! 


Another lunch essential Amanda's kids approve of: the tiffin lunch box. We're not opposed to using them for grown-up lunches, too. 

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Momimel September 9, 2012
How about an issue all about school lunch ideas? That would really help me!
lorigoldsby September 2, 2012
Love the billy disappointed that they are sold out! This would be perfect to take to mom's all day chemo appointments!
Kristy M. September 4, 2012
Shoot! I tried to find it at other places online but didn't have any luck finding it on sites that ship to the US. If I come across anything else like it, I'll send it your way!