The Fermentation Frontier

September 20, 2012

DIY fermentation is all the rage these days, but little did we know that we can barely go through our daily routine without encountering fermentation: our toast in the morning was fermented yeast, our glass of wine during dinner, fermented grapes. The New York Times does a fine profile on Sandor Katz, who is the man to know if you're curious about the craft of fermenting. 

As Katz eats his way through Momofuku Noodle Bar and their lab of fermentation, he shows that a fearless passion for experimentation could lead to new, intriguing, and fascinating flavors beyond those just categorized as "fresh." Katz explains, too, that fermented foods add more probiotic bacteria to our stomachs, making us far healthier. You can't complain about that!

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Better Eating, Thanks to Bacteria from New York Times