Egg Obsession is Egg Perfection

September 27, 2012

It's official: we've got egg fever at Food52. So to ride this week out in style, we ruminate on the science of the best way to crack an egg with Slate. While MIT engineers maintain that it's a science, some of us like to think of it as an art. With all of this debate about the best method to crack an egg, perhaps we should just say that it's a delicate mix of both.

Most likely, I'm not alone in experiencing the extreme heartbreak in the failure to crack an egg perfectly, having the yolk break upon impact and my dining dreams crushed (cracked, if you will). Whether you're a diehard crack-on-a-flat-surface egg breaker or edge-of-the-mixing-bowl egg breaker, the simple physics behind the ideal egg cracking are the same: the key is to exert enough force on the egg's center or the egg's equator, and to break the shell without shattering it into multiple pieces. Be confident — no hesitation is accepted when cracking the perfect egg.

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    Kristen Miglore
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    Nozlee Samadzadeh

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Kristen M. September 27, 2012
As a child, I taught myself to crack eggs one-handed after seeing Tony do it on Who's the Boss?. I don't really bother anymore, but I bet the muscle memory is there. (Thanks Ton!)
Nozlee S. September 27, 2012
Whaa! Teach us sometime?
Nozlee S. September 27, 2012
Whaa! Teach us sometime?