Let Kale Be Kale!

October  4, 2012

Now, for the record, we're not here to yuck anyone's yum. We are here, though, to defend food's honor in the face of bad PR. Today, we're defending kale from "kale-rotica". More specifically, we're defending kale from "50 Shades of Kale." Well and Good NYC highlights a book cashing in on the hottest book trend on the shelves right now by personifying kale as an irresistible seductress. 

In the words of one of our editors, "it's like cooking took a hit and landed in the cheesy romance novel bin at an old person's garage sale." Here, kale has officially turned Lolita. 

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Whether you agree or disagree that sex sells, it doesn't have to sell kale — especially when kale has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, in the form of kale chips, kale in quinoa, kale that's baked, kale that's raw, kale that's sweet or kale that's spicy. Does kale really need a recipe called "Thai'd Up Roughage"? We'll leave that one up to you. 

“50 Shades of Kale” is bound to excite your taste buds from Well and Good NYC


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Written by: gheanna

My two (current) favorite foods start with the letter D: doughnuts, and dumplings. If a dish has bacon in it, I will most likely eat it. If I could marry honey butter, I would.

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AntoniaJames October 4, 2012
Parodic or not, it seems to be in extremely poor taste. And I agree that food writing, which seems to be on a downward spiral already as so much uninteresting and poorly written material continuously floods every available medium, has indeed taken a hit. ;o)