Great Minds Think (and Cook) Alike

October 15, 2012

When you think of the word genius, are recipes the first thing that come to mind? Maybe they should be. 

Einstein, whose name is synonymous with the term, once said "If one can reinvent the way one sees the world, that merits genius." Our own Senior Editor, Kristen Miglore, operates on this premise daily -- only in recipe form. 

Shop the Story's Brainiac wave caught a whiff of Food52's test kitchen last week and interviewed Miglore -- catch her method, her madness, and her own mc squared equation in the full article

What Does Genius Taste Like? from



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LLStone October 15, 2012
Love the Genius series - it's my absolute fave. I'm sure it's difficult finding fun/genius stuff - but I really appreciate all the research and discussion around every article. My 2nd fave is small batch! I love that feature, too. I've made approximately 70% of each. :)