Oscar Night Refreshments

March  6, 2010

Hosting an Oscar party tomorrow night? (Even if it's just a party for one?) We've got some delicious snacks and libations to boost your energy for the long haul. After all, with 10 nominations for Best Picture this year, it could take a while!

Creamy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms by Adriene

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Spiced Gløgg with Port Wine and Cointreau by TasteFood


Olive all'Ascolana by arielleclementine


Lemon Posset by mrslarkin


Fried Oysters with a Saffron Aioli by Savorykitchen


Leek, Lemon and Feta Quiche by Feeding the Saints (A. C. Parker)


Chocolate Swirl Cinnamon Marshmallows by notlazy.rustic


Brie and Prosciutto Melt by Londonfoodieny

Brie and Prosciutto Melt




Bubbly Manhattan by Collin

Bubbly Manhattan


Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Chimichurri and Poblano Creme Fraiche by ChezSuzanne


Toasted Coconut Gelato by NicoleCLang

Toasted Coconut Ice cream

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MrsWheelbarrow March 7, 2010
I made the olives on Friday for happy hour with some friends. Everyone popped one in the mouth and moaned in unison. I wish I could figure out an easier way to push the cheese in the olives.... but it doesn't matter. They're heaven on earth.
Savorykitchen March 7, 2010
I used a pastry bag with a tip with a wee opening (just big enough for a mustard seed). Speeds the process up immensely.
Amanda H. March 9, 2010
Thanks Savorykitchen -- we did the same. Made it a lot easier.
arielleclementine March 15, 2010
oh wow! thank you! i'm so happy you liked them!
Savorykitchen March 7, 2010
Thanks for including my oysters in the lineup! I'll be making the stuffed olives this evening for our viewing party. Yum.
lastnightsdinner March 7, 2010
I can vouch for the fact that your oysters are delicious. Hopefully more people will get over their fear of frying and try them out! (Also, I need to make those olives, soon.)
Lizthechef March 6, 2010
What I failed to appreciate before I moved to San Diego in 1974 is that the Oscars are an unofficial state holiday here. Too bad we can't make money from it, Ahh-nold...Tomorrow,SDUT will have blaring headlines, kind of shameful with a capital "S", I think - unless Meryl gets it for you know who!
TheWimpyVegetarian March 6, 2010
I've been sick in bed almost all week and so what a delightful surprise to log in today to see that my soup was one of the things you featured! Thanks so much!!
Merrill S. March 7, 2010
Hope you're feeling better!
Allison C. March 6, 2010
Thank you for including the Leek, Lemon & Feta Quiche in the Oscars party roundup! I'm honored. I will have to serve up another slice of gratitude. Hope everyone has a great weekend, and that the favorites all win.
mrslarkin March 6, 2010
I love your themed menus! & thanks for including the posset! A lot of these recipes don't require an oven, so I can make something! Fingers crossed that the Sears guy can fix mine on Tuesday!
Allison C. March 6, 2010
Oven down? Sorry to hear; don't know what I'd do. Well, yes, I'd get on my landlord's case and have a rare moment of being glad that I rent and don't own. And maybe I'd stop making and eating so many quiches and tarts and cookies, and get back to salads. Hope it's fixed soon.
Lizthechef March 6, 2010
I can barely stand this - do you want my credit card number? I remember your lemon posset and know, "This woman is OK and a serious baker/ cook. She is stable, probably more than you are." Why do I want to buy you a stove...