Introducing Recipe Collections

February 26, 2013

Recipe Collection

Hi! I'm Michael, one of the programmers here at Food52. I'm excited to tell you about some recent changes we've made to the website.

Many of you have probably noticed that we redesigned our user profile pages last week. We hope you find the new layout fun and easy on the eyes.

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Some of you may also have noticed that last week we quietly began rolling out a new feature to some users: recipe collections. Recipe collections are groups of recipes that you curate, like Food to Cook When Home Alone or Hearty Meats. Just recently, we opened up recipe collections to everyone.

All of your collections—including your good old saved recipes—live on your profile page.

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You can save recipes to your collections and create new collections from the green "SAVE" buttons that appear on recipes all over the site.

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What kind of collections should you make? Well, that's up to you. New Food52er chiaralucia is brainstorming menus for a cross-cultural arts program. Ria Gerger, another new member, is putting together a list of transgressive treats.

Here are some more examples to inspire you:

If you make an awesome collection, share it with us in the comments!

(Want to help us build cool features like this one? Come join us!)

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I used to be a software engineer at Food52. Now I'm just a super fan.


krusher February 28, 2013
All reversed with the help of the community ... thank you so much. Thank you Michael as well. I confess to having a thing about indexing. I hold Amanda's award-winning NYT's cookbook index as the example of an excellent one. As a collector of quality cookbooks and user of them continually as well, I want/need good access to these works and the index is the way in. I love to read some for leisure and pleasure as well ... am currently reading "In search of the perfect meal" by Roy Andries de Groot last thing at night (no index required) for example. Now I will have another attempt to categorize my saved recipes more broadly. Love this new innovation. I am also watching the development of the site with interest and pleasure. Well done you guys.
krusher February 28, 2013
Ok I have reversed out! Now how do I delete the categories and have a broader, smaller set?
hardlikearmour February 28, 2013
If you click on a folder it should take you to a screen with an edit button on the right hand side. If you click edit, it will take you to another screen that allows you to delete the collection.
krusher February 28, 2013
Many thanks.
krusher February 27, 2013
Do you have a maximum number of indexing categories? I cannot register any more. Is your system set up merely for broad generic categories? If so how can I reverse out if what I have done and start again. I think I need help! Please.
Michael H. February 28, 2013
krusher, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. This first version of the feature does not do very well with large numbers of collections. We never anticipated someone would want to make so many, byt we're excited that you've done it! We'll keep this case in mind as we plan future development.
krusher February 28, 2013
No experience on the site is a bad one Michael. It is all about learning new ways of doing things for me. Actually I tell myself in such circumstances that it is another opportunity to forge new neural pathways in my brain which it probably is. Thank you Michael.
LLStone February 27, 2013
Thanks, Michael! Now I have 594 recipes saved in one big file that I need to organize! Getting right on's a good feature.
sixthfloorcook February 27, 2013
This maybe heresy but is there a way to delete a recipe from my collection.
Love love this website
Michael H. February 27, 2013
Yes. Just visit the recipe's page and uncheck the collection from the save widget.

Alternatively, you can visit the collection's page and do the same thing there.
Panfusine February 27, 2013
Wow.. this is a godsend of a feature, Thank you Michael!
windysiprits February 27, 2013
This is an awesome addition to an already amazing website. I start my mornings nearly every day checking the food52 website for articles/recipes, and inspirations for what I can make for dinner. Thank you for all your hard work, Michael and all the others at food52 in helping build such an amazing place to commune over food.
BoulderGalinTokyo February 27, 2013
WOW!!! I was looking for a way to search my 'saved recipes'--this is just what I wanted, but even Better, because I can keep them in my own categories.
ATG117 February 27, 2013
Might win for best improvement yet
Coing February 26, 2013
Can I save a recipe from elsewhere in my collection here?
Ryan H. February 27, 2013
Not currently, but definitely something we've thought about and will continue to consider for future enhancements.
Jean B. February 26, 2013
I finally took my computer in to have serious repairs done and what a timely decision that was! Love the ease in using this site. My one concern is that I don't seem to cook/bake as much as I read and drool. Saves me on the calories, though. Until I discovered the Food 52 site, I did so miss the old (now, sadly gone) community boards over at King Arthur Flour. I know that I can rest easy having found this great place. Great job, folks!
Michael H. February 26, 2013
Thanks for the kind words, all.

Private collections are something we've considered, but we don't have any immediate plans to build them. We want to start simple and make sure things are working well before we increase the complexity. Nevertheless, we'll certainly take your suggestions into account as we make plans for future development.
mrslarkin February 26, 2013
This is epic! Thanks, Michael. Sorta kinda like our very own Pinterest boards. I love it.

I will third the suggestion of having a public/private button. Do you think that might be possible down the road?
AntoniaJames February 26, 2013
Thanks so much, FOOD52! I discovered this feature last week and had great fun organizing (and rediscovering some of) my 450+ saved recipes. I still need to go into some of my categories (like "Sides") to break them into several more specific categories, but already I have found the new functionality a godsend. And what a handsome display, too! Again, thank you. ;o)
EmilyC February 26, 2013
This is a great new feature -- thank you! I second HLA's suggestion to have a public versus private setting for recipe collections. I can imagine that in many cases, cooks will keep their collections public and we can get inspired by others. But it'd be great to have a simple check box so each cook can decide what they want to share.
drbabs February 26, 2013
hardlikearmour February 26, 2013
Great function. I'll be far more inclined to save recipes since they can be organized now. I'd really love a function that allowed each cook to chose whether they wanted to keep their collections private or allow them to remain public.
pamelalee February 26, 2013
I'm thrilled that I can now organize and better access my over 300 saved recipes. Thank you, food52 developers! I love that you can file a recipe in more than one collection. Three examples (out of 26 so far) include: brunch, grain salads, and preserves/condiments.