A&M's Favorite Things

March 12, 2013


In case you missed the last installment, A&M have been putting together packages of their favorite things -- things that they think could be your favorites, too. These boxes are well-timed gifts to yourself, arriving on your doorstep because they just had to spread the love. (Discovering a great product for your kitchen is never as much fun without someone to share it with, right?) 

They've teamed up with Quarterly Co. so you can get a little something in the mail every three months, which, in our minds, is just right. (Every month and people will start to notice you sending presents to yourself, and every six months simply equals too few gifts.) Their latest box is all about the good kind of spring cleaning -- making your kitchen cleaner, healthier, and making your prized copper pots shine until you can see your own reflection. 

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