My Girls' Best Test Kitchen Sugar Cookies

April  9, 2010

This week, A&M are joined by special guest Karen DeMasco -- acclaimed Pastry Chef at Locanda Verde in New York City, author of The Craft of Baking and James Beard Award winner. With baking cred like that, you can see why A&M have a million questions for her on how to make the chewiest of sugar cookies. Ever gracious and humble (and a downright cookie genius), Chef DeMasco does not disappoint. Watch them make My Girls' Best Test Kitchen Sugar Cookies by thirschfeld -- one of the Finalists in our quest to prove to Cook's Illustrated that you don't need a fancy test kitchen to make a winning sugar cookie.

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aargersi April 13, 2010
These look great - AND thank you for the "what shortening does" tip - I did not know that!
gluttonforlife April 9, 2010
She doesn't look that convinced by the cookies, though...
Merrill S. April 10, 2010
Karen really liked the cookies, actually!
Jocelyn G. April 9, 2010
I love her book. Can't wait to go back to Locanda Verde whenever I make it back to NYC.