8 Food Blog Links We Love

June  7, 2013

We've scoured the web, found our favorite food blog posts, and now we're bringing them right to your desktop. It’s hard work, but someone has to do it.

This week’s links are all about spring produce. Fava beans, peas, radishes, rhubarb -- everyone is eager (and so are we!) to get these fleeting fruits and vegetables into meals while they last. Let's stock up, shall we? 


  • Sara pairs salmon skewers with a light, tangy cucumber yogurt sauce. (Sprouted Kitchen.)
  • Rhubarb Danishes with almond cream. Enough said. (Seven Spoons.)
  • But be sure to save some of that rhubarb for this spring cocktail. (Lottie + Doof.)
  • We're excited to grill our radishes this weekend! Try this recipe, with mint and lime. (Brooklyn Supper.)


  • Once you make Hannah’s honeysuckle syrup, you’ll be looking for excuses to use it in everything. (Honey & Jam.)
  • Favas, peas, and arugula make for a very green panzanella. (Aida Mollenkamp.)
  • Sometimes you just need a tray of dense, fudgy brownies, right? (Hummingbird High.)
  • We've found this weekend's drink: refreshing rhubarb mint lemonade. And since it’s Friday, go ahead and spike it. (The Bite House.)

Which food blogs inspired you this week? Tell us in the comments!

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Photos on top by (clockwise) Sprouted Kitchen, Seven Spoons, Lottie + Doof, Brooklyn Supper.

Photos on bottom by (clockwise) Honey & Jam, Aida Mollenkamp, Hummingbird High, The Bite House.

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The grocery store is my happy place.


All S. June 12, 2013
Please keep up with posting these great food blogs. Although my catering company is based in Western Australia, I love to access international food blogs for ideas to keep my menus exciting and new.
Lindsay-Jean H. June 9, 2013
Lauren! If you continue to expand my blog roll every week with lovely new food blogs, I'm going to have to politely request that you also start finding extra hours in the day.
Lauren K. June 10, 2013
Fair enough! I'll start searching for those extra hours... I could use a few, too.
Nicole D. June 7, 2013
Beautiful roundup! I can't stop thinking about Jess's Raspberry Croissant Pudding
Lauren K. June 7, 2013
Oh my... that pudding looks ridiculously good.