Coeur a la Creme

April 29, 2010

In honor of Mother's Day and our recent mom-themed contest, Merrill invites her own mum Veronica to join her in making Coeur a la Creme, a family favorite that Merrill wrote about earlier this week (here). Could you ever have guessed Merrill and Veronica were related? 

This week's video was shot and edited by filmmaker Joshua Hume, who brought with him microphones and other fancy equipment our video production normally lacks. Notice how clearly you can hear what Merrill and Veronica are saying? That's all Josh.

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Rhonda35 May 23, 2010
Merrill - it was really fun to see you and your mom cooking together. She seems like a very cool lady (just like her daughter!) Thanks for sharing this with the Food52 crowd.
Merrill S. May 23, 2010
What a nice compliment! So happy you enjoyed this video.
Rhonda35 May 23, 2010
I'm still trying to get the Food52 community to pool our funds and buy you gals some mikes! I think, so far, it's just me and mrslarkin, but we're trying!
Merrill S. May 23, 2010
We were using a mike, believe it or not!
Kaitlyn May 5, 2010
just made this last night- it is so great and easy! my new summer go to dessert, thank you so much for posting!
Chef L. May 3, 2010
OK! Got it! thanks so much!
Chef L. May 3, 2010
Thanks so much for your emai. I understand the marks on the cheesecloth. The one question left is: How did it go into the refrigerator in a cheesecloth, and the next thing we see is, the dessert in a mold: How did the dessert go from the cheesecloth to the mold?
Veronica May 3, 2010
Because of the necessary time to "drain & mold", Merrill had made, for the video presentation, another Coeur A la Creme the night before. I think if you look carefully, you'll see that we said "we cheated"!!! We put our mixture into the fridge IN the cheesecloth lined collaander, resting in the bowl that would then collect the drained liquid. You could make this in any shape you wish, so long as you have a form that will happily drain out of the bottom into a pan! Really, so simple!
Chef L. May 3, 2010
Coeur a la creme looks wonderful, and your mom could easily pass for your sister. Just one question though: You put the whole batter in a cheesecloth inside the bowl in the refrigerator ovrenight. Fair enough. Next thing we know it is in a coeur-shaped mold. Did you transfer the mixture from that cheesecloth into the mold? If so, at what point? I just couldn't see how the transition was made. THe thing that perplexed me is that you mention the finished coeur still bears the marks of the cheesecloth. Please clarify!
HeatherM May 3, 2010
If you listen carefully you'll note it's one made the day before in the appropriate mold. I expect that unmolding the one we saw in the colander would simply produce a rounded "coeur", and would still bear the cheesecloth marks.
Teresa P. May 2, 2010
No heart-shaped mold? How could that be? This recipe has hereby changed my views on heart-shaped molds and from here forward they will not be eliminated rashly during kitchen reorganizations.
Veronica May 3, 2010
But... I think we know where that mold went, right??? You sweet devil!
Kelsey B. May 2, 2010
What an adorable video! I remember meeting your mom at the party, she was so nice. It is great to see her again!
mariaraynal May 1, 2010
You two are so charming and cute together! I'm not sure if she remembers, but Veronica and I walked into the food52 launch party together last fall and she was so warm and friendly I knew immediately that 1) this was going to be a fun party and 2) I wasn't nervous anymore and 3) she was Merrill's mom because they look so alike! Great to see her here.
Veronica May 2, 2010
I DO remember...and really, it was YOU who made me feel comfortable!!! Thank you, mariaraynal--love your recipes and look forward to another "offline" Food52 encounter.
Veronica May 1, 2010
Thank you to everyone--especially A & M of whom I am so, so proud! It was a true honor. Although a bit nervous-making it was a morning filled with fun! Lots of laughs plus two adorable 3 year-old entertainers!
Thank you again and again and Happy Mothers' Day!
drbabs April 30, 2010
Merrill, this is so great--you and your mom are both so beautiful with such stage presence! I have so enjoyed our all getting to know each other through this Mother's Day theme. Thank you to you and Amanda for putting this forum together.
Midge April 30, 2010
That was great! Love Veronica's apron too.
Abs April 30, 2010
I miss you both! This looks like such fun...and one of my favorites, as you know.
Merrill S. April 30, 2010
Miss you too! Would've been fun to do the video with all three of us.
AntoniaJames April 30, 2010
Love this video! How fun to see your mother, too. What a gamer. Love it!! She must be so proud of you. Really liked the lilacs in the background, and your gorgeous lilac-colored shirt! I must confess ;o) to having some serious mothers-with-daughters envy, watching this.
Merrill S. April 30, 2010
Thanks, Antonia. We had a blast doing this. Happy early Mother's Day!
K.N.Vinod April 30, 2010
Very nice! When you are in the Washington area, please do drop by along with your mom at one of my restaurants. Happy Mother's day. cheers!
Merrill S. April 30, 2010
Thanks so much! My sister lives in Washington, so I may well do that.
ChefJune April 30, 2010
Love Coeur a la Crème. To me it is the quintessential Valentine's Day dessert.
Merrill S. April 30, 2010
Yes it is, isn't it?
Margy@hidethecheese April 29, 2010
So sweet to see your mom! And the recipe looks great. I may have to make it for mother's day. Or even better, get my kids to make it!
Merrill S. April 29, 2010
Well, it's easy enough that your kids should be able to make it as a Mother's Day treat for you!
Lizthechef April 29, 2010
Your Mom is a class act - wrap your arms around her with a big hug.
Merrill S. April 29, 2010
I will indeed!
MrsWheelbarrow April 29, 2010
So nice to see you both - adorable is right. Wonderful video and perfect for Mother's Day.
Merrill S. April 29, 2010
Thanks, Mrs W!
eatboutique April 29, 2010
love love love! I miss Paris, so it helps... :)
Merrill S. April 29, 2010
Are you really back already??