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April 30, 2010

Last weekend, two food52 potlucks were thrown -- MrsWheelbarrow hosted a brunch at her home near Washington, D.C. and AntoniaJames hosted a dinner at her Piedmont home in the San Francisco Bay Area. See the lovely photos and comments they shared with us below.

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coffeefoodwrite May 6, 2010
I'd be happy to host one in L.A.!
Alison D. May 5, 2010
Anyone doing this in LA? Would be happy to travel up north as well!
coffeefoodwrite May 6, 2010
Hi Alison. I would be happy to host one at my house. Contact me directly via food52 direct contact and let's see if we can work something out. =)
Oui, C. May 5, 2010
I'm in for Boston. "lastnightsdinner" is in Providence, perhaps we could convince her to join a Boston potluck? Anyone else out there Boston based?
lastnightsdinner May 5, 2010
I'd absolutely come up for a potluck! If it happens, count me in!
AntoniaJames May 4, 2010
Hey, everybody, one important detail about the Bay Area gathering has somehow been overlooked. One participant, Amber Olson, drove all the way down from Mendocino and stayed in a hotel that night, so that she could attend! (That's roughly equivalent to driving from Baltimore to New York City.) Talk about dedication and enthusiasm. These gatherings are amazing -- both for the food (as one would expect) and for the camaraderie! ;o)
Jennifer A. May 4, 2010
Both gatherings look so beautiful! How wonderful to meet other Food 52 enthusiasts. I am keeping my fingers crossed that one materializes in the Midwest.
Alison D. May 4, 2010
Both potlucks looked great! Anybody in LA jumping on board? Please let me know. I can spread the word pretty quickly if need be.
Kelsey B. May 3, 2010
How cool! I am so flattered to see the Chocolate Bundt Cake made the rounds in DC, too. Looking for to NYC!
GoddessofSpice May 3, 2010
How do I get in touch with one of you lovely San Franciscan Potluckers. I would love to join/host one of these. If any of you reads this post please contact me!
AntoniaJames May 4, 2010
I'll put you on the list of interested people . . . our numbers are growing and we have such a wonderful group!! We depend on food52 members to help us to find them for inclusion, as you have done. Thank you!! I'll be in touch via the profile messaging system, with a lot more information. Welcome! ;o)
Michelle M. May 3, 2010
There is nothing better than good food and good conversation. It was lovely meeting all of you and tasting your amazing creations! Thanks again for organizing and hosting Helen!
Amyrinco May 3, 2010
Wish I could have attended both! I'd be happy to host in the Denver area!!
goldexplorer May 2, 2010
Where can I get the recipe for the pork roast prepared by Porktopurslane? It is not listed on her web site. Thanks Tom
Michelle M. May 3, 2010

I took 8# of boneless, skin-on pork shoulder, scored the skin, and marinated it for 48 hours in an herb paste of sea salt (which acts to 'brine' to pork), fresh garlic, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, lemon zest, toasted + ground fennel seed, dried chile de arbol, and black pepper (pounded it all together in a mortar + pestle and combined with a little EVOO). After marinating, I let the shoulder sit out for 1 hour while the oven preheated to 450 F. Roasted shoulder in a roasting pan on a rack for 30 min at 450 (helps to crisp/caramelize the skin). Turned the oven down to 240 F, added a cup of water to the roasted pan, and let the pork cook slowly for 18 hours. Yes, 18 hours. Re-crisp the skin at 450 or under a broiler before serving the pork.

Hope this helps Tom!
It was absolutely amazingly great! Maybe the best pork shoulder I've had. Ever. Thanks for posting the recipe. I'm definitely making it.
goldexplorer May 5, 2010
Thanks so much for the recipe---I'm going to try it this weekend. Tom
mrslarkin May 2, 2010
What a blast! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.
dovesandfigs May 2, 2010
I would love to do this in Boston!
Midge May 2, 2010
A great idea! Boston anyone?
aromes May 2, 2010
Sounds like you had fun.
Too bad I am busy these days, but had time freeing up, I would have worked on a canadian extension of your community. Canadians are big on food, so it should not have been an issue to gather people in big canadian cities. Just for the love of food. For now, congrats for those potluck dinners. Great way to gather around our passion for food.
mariaraynal May 1, 2010
Love it! Thank you so much for sharing!
Lizthechef May 1, 2010
You are so lucky to all have gotten together! It's awfully lonely here in San Diego...I have plenty of friends who like to eat my food but just don't "get" the food52 experience. Thanks for sharing the great photos.
Next time we have one, see if you can come up to join us! Lots of flights between SF and SD and we'd love to have you!
Lizthechef May 1, 2010
I told AJ that we were across the Bay for my 60th celebration with family. Fun but missed you guys - a short flight indeed - see you next time - thanks! Best, Liz
Veronica May 1, 2010
Both of these parties look fabulous and delicious--great photos and everyone looks so relaxed. Congratulations to all! Am looking forward to the NYC potluck being organized by Naked Beet this month--fingers crossed that we'll be in town!
beautiful parties! beautiful food! beautiful ladies! thank you for making my olives, too!
NakedBeet May 1, 2010
Both parties look beautiful! It's nice to see Food52er's getting together offline and sharing their love for food. There's a NY potluck planned in May, please contact me if you'd like to attend.
Merrill S. May 1, 2010
Can't wait!
drbabs May 1, 2010
Can you let me know when it will be, too? I live on long Island. Thanks.
NakedBeet May 2, 2010
@Merrill, me too! @drbabs, I sent you an email and it's May 22nd. Hope you can make it.
soher529 May 3, 2010
Would love to attend the NY potluck... can you send me info?