Una Pizza Rustica e Autentica for Sophia Loren

May 14, 2010

This week A&M are joined by special guest Adam Kuban -- Managing Editor of Serious Eats, founder of the blog Slice and all-around pizza expert -- as they make pierino's Una Pizza Rustica e Autentica for Sophia Loren.

Adam educates A&M on such topics as San Marzano tomatoes -- domestic versus the real article -- and Sophia Loren's pizza chops. 

Get more pizza insights from the wonderful Adam Kuban at Slice and Serious Eats and on Twitter @akuban and @slice. And many thanks to our intrepid videographer Josh Hume for making this video possible.

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pizzacentric May 17, 2010
I've noticed that with the brand of tomatoes you used, while it says in big letters, "San Marzano," a closer look reveals that the tomatoes are actually grown in the US (see I agree with you guys that they're perfectly good canned tomatoes, but the marketing by that company is a little misleading.

Nice video!!
AntoniaJames May 17, 2010
San Marzano is actually a variety of plum tomatoes (named after a town near Naples), and not a trademark.
pierino May 20, 2010
Actually you are both right. San Marzanos are a variety but the can seen in the A&M video is a trademarked domestic liable. If you are buying them look for "product of Italy"
pierino May 14, 2010
Thank you. Very good job on the video, but by now you guys should be able to afford a pizza peel...Excellent job on the sauce; just how I would have done it myself. And Sophia Loren comes from the Pozzuoli part of Naples, which might as well be Fort Apache in the way that Italian cooking is divided and subdivided. Especially when it comes to pizza.
Merrill S. May 16, 2010
I was supposed to bring my peel from home but forgot. Mamma mia!