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Today in the Shop

June  7, 2010

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Today: Benriner Slicer Mandoline from The Brooklyn Kitchen

Benriner Slicer MandolineThe Brooklyn Kitchen

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    Amanda Hesser
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bobzaguy June 14, 2010

Even more perfect for micro-thin sliced radishes and that delish radish and butter on rye!
witloof June 8, 2010
shaved fennel, tossed with mustard vinaigrette and topped with toasted walnuts...
Amanda H. June 7, 2010
Love slicing apples on a mandoline, just for eating. Nothing better than a slice of apple that's so thin it's translucent.
mtrelaun June 7, 2010
That's exactly what I was thinking, mrslarkin!
Brenna June 7, 2010
Perfect for everything. If I had to live without my Benriner, I would cry for two days until another one was shipped overnight. We've got a serious relationship--even though I was famous for getting 'mandolin bites' during dinner service at Diner.
mrslarkin June 7, 2010
Perfect for cucumbers!