Summer Corn Chowder

June 11, 2010

In the video below, watch A&M make last summer's winning Summer Corn Chowder by Nancy Jo (or at least A&M's version, which involves lazily avoiding peeling and seeding the tomatoes and extra bacon garnish).

As part of our exciting summer partnership with Whole Foods Market, this is one of 4 recipes that will be featured both on Whole Foods' website and on recipe cards in stores nationwide!  

Big thanks to Elena Parker for shooting and editing this video, which will also be featured on Whole Foods' website!

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mensaque June 19, 2013
I love this,and I'm all for leaving tomatoes alone...
Rhonda35 June 22, 2010
I love this chowder - I'd forgotten about it since last summer - corn is just showing up at the farm stands and I think I know what is second on my list after eating a few ears fresh out of the pot!
Veronica June 14, 2010
Made this last summer and can't wait to make it again--SINFULLY delicious! Thanks Nancy Jo and thanks A & M for bringing it back!
mrslarkin June 13, 2010
This sounds so great. Thanks for reminding us about it, A&M! I make a similar chowder and add scallops and parsley oil.
Amanda H. June 13, 2010
That sounds great -- you could definitely add scallops and parsley oil to this one, too.
Kitchen B. June 12, 2010
Lovely the recipe, I think I would make this - I fancy using some coconut milk and cream and finishing off with a squeeze of lime juice, topped up with cilantro leaves.
Amanda H. June 13, 2010
Great variation.