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June 14, 2010

Now it's even easier for you to organize a local potluck and meet food52ers in your area! Meetup has a cool new widget, which we've added to our Cooks page. For some inspiration, check out this recent post about the first New York City potluck in Central Park on May 22. You can also go straight to the food52 Meetup Page to organize or sign up to attend an event.

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    Caron Golden
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AntoniaJames June 15, 2010
Something rather odd is happening on the MeetUp page . . . all kinds of Monday night events with no organizers or venue.
MrsWheelbarrow June 14, 2010
The Washington, DC contingent is planning a road trip to cheese1227's place in Pennsylvania to do some serious canning. July 3. All day fun. We'll figure out the MeetUp function and give it a go!
Merrill S. June 14, 2010
How cool!
Aliwaks June 15, 2010
I so want in on this!!! where in PA? I'm in Philly.
MrsWheelbarrow June 15, 2010
Aliwaks - we'll be in Carlisle. Can you make it?
Aliwaks June 15, 2010
not 100% sure where Carlisle is , but if there's a train that will get me there I'll be there ( the BF has the car that day)
Caron G. June 14, 2010
Don't be lonely, Liz. Here's another San Diegan!
Lizthechef June 14, 2010
Great! -going to follow you on twitter, OK?
Lizthechef June 15, 2010
At this point, seriously counting on you, the only one of 3 to have ever posted a recipe on food52 - apologies to others, but it's so different to be "on" every, Liz
TheWimpyVegetarian June 14, 2010
Brilliant! Thanks so much!
AntoniaJames June 14, 2010
So, just to understand this better . . . food52 members indicate their interest on the Meetup widget, then the organizers contact each of the cooks so identified individually through the profile page messaging system, then ask the cooks to send to the organizers their regular email addresses so that general messages to organize the event (e.g., who's bringing what, details of where and when, etc.) can be communicated to the group via regular email, as messages to more than one cook at the same time via food52 is not possible. Is that correct?
Merrill S. June 14, 2010
It's actually simpler than that, AJ. To indicate interest or sign up to organize an event, you need to sign up with Meetup (this can be done via Facebook Connect if you'd like). Then, everything should be able to be done via Meetup. No need to request personal emails!
AlainB June 14, 2010
To add to that... Basically everything is done Meetup. You can just go to a listed city, or add one yourself, and express an interest in a meetup. You can also volunteer to be the organizer -- organizers pick a location for the Meetup, choose a date and time, and help make the Meetup happen. All communication is done on, on the page for that meetup.
AntoniaJames June 15, 2010
Okay, thanks. It's not at all apparent from the interface that it works that way. I suppose you actually have to express an interest in a gathering to learn that. It would be nice if there were a link to FAQs from the MeetUp page for food52.
AntoniaJames June 14, 2010
This is a great idea. Just like the idea of having local potlucks. ;o)
Lizthechef June 14, 2010
Great idea - lonely in San Diego...
drbabs June 14, 2010
Greenlawn, NY on Monday June 28th? ReallY?
lastnightsdinner June 14, 2010
Genius. Boston-area peeps, let's do this!