10 Cheesy Pastas

October  8, 2013

We get it; it's apple season, pear season, squash season, pumpkin season. We get that it's getting cold now and that the tomatoes are dwindling. We get that there are pies waiting to be made, soups ready to be simmered, new produce and new recipes and new dishes to try.

But at the end of a fall day, when it's dark and cold, when those apples and pears and squashes are sitting prettily on our counters, don't you really just want a bowl of cheesy pasta for dinner?

We've got your back. Here are 10 ways to love fall, beyond the farmers market.

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Martha Stewart's Macaroni and Cheese by Genius Recipes

macaroni and cheese from Food52


Grandma DiLaura's Italian Ricotta Gnocchi by cdilaura

Gnocchi from Food52


 Al Forno's Penne with Tomato, Cream & Five Cheeses by Genius Recipes

Penne from Food52


Birthday Lasagna by Merrill Stubbs

Lasagna from Food52


Spaghetti Carbonara by brette warshaw

Spaghetti Carbonara from Food52


Cavatelli with Asiago Oat Crumbs by QueenSashy 

Cavatelli from Food52


Macaroni Peas by Nicholas

Macaroni peas from Food52


Jennie's Homemade Manicotti by Jennifer Perillo

Manicotti from Food52


Pasta al Forno with Pumpkin and Pancetta by Merrill Stubbs

Pumpkin Pasta al Forno by Food52


Baking Sheet Macaroni and Cheese by Amanda Hesser

Macaroni and cheese from Food52


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Brette Warshaw

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beth Y. October 9, 2013
You just can't beat some cheesy pasta!It's something that the Italians don't really use that much (especially the mac and cheese) but my Italian partner can't get enough of it!