Quick Shiso and Cucumber Pickles

June 18, 2010

This week, Amanda is on vacation, which means more pickles for Merrill! She soldiers on, showing us the marvel that is shiso leaf and how much it can jazz up a humble cucumber, in Teri's recipe for Quick Shiso & Cucumber Pickles.

This week's videos were shot and edited by performer and aspiring filmmaker (and Merrill's lifelong friend) John Ryan.

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Teri June 25, 2010
Yukari-san, Thanks for the tips. And I've bookmarked your blog!
YukariSakamoto June 24, 2010
Interesting. I make similar pickles almost every week for my husband's bento (lunch box). In Japan we salt the pickles first and then squeeze of excess juice before marinating in a rice wine vinegar and sugar mix. If fresh shiso leaves are hard to get feel free to substitute dried shiso leaves which are available at Japanese markets. Called "Yukari" for the dried purple shiso leaves, these are already cut up into small pieces and have a long shelf life.

Here's a picture of the pickles in a bento:

EmilyNunn June 21, 2010
Merrill, I want to know where you got that cute top!?
Merrill S. June 21, 2010
Why, thanks for asking! Do you mean the black one in the video, or the green and white one in the teaser photo?
EmilyNunn June 22, 2010
i meant the green and white one, but the black one is fab, too.
Merrill S. June 22, 2010
I got it two years ago from Virginia Johnson ( Not sure if she's still making the same one, but I love all of her stuff.
Teri June 18, 2010
Thanks Merrill. On the thread under the recipe, some have been asking where to get shiso. I suggested local Asian markets or maybe Whole Foods. Any ideas?
Merrill S. June 20, 2010
Some Whole Foods carry them, but yes, I'd suggest Asian markets. We got ours at Sunrise Mart in the East Village.
Lizthechef June 18, 2010
Looks good, Merrill - hope there will be a video of my recipe too? Thanks, Liz
Lizthechef June 18, 2010
Sorry I jumped the gun...