Creamy Cucumber "Side"

June 18, 2010

With Amanda on vacation, Merrill goes it alone this week, demonstrating how easy it is to make Lizthechef's Creamy Cucumber "Side" a refreshing part of any summer meal.

This week's videos were shot and edited by performer and aspiring filmmaker (and Merrill's lifelong friend) John Ryan. And don't worry -- neither John nor Merrill was injured in the making of this video. That "attack" was actually a neighbor's overzealous dryer rattling the walls.


Kelsey B. June 18, 2010
Great kitchen! I love your scale in the window. Yummy recipe, too!
Merrill S. June 20, 2010
Thanks! I got that scale -- as well as many other favorite kitchen and household items -- from my mother.
Lizthechef June 18, 2010
Thank you, Merrill!!