International Cookware Recipes

November 15, 2013

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- so following that lead, we'll be making recipe collections to go alongside those that are in Provisions. Because recipes want to be together, too.

??Today: Once you collect the best cookware from around the world, what should you make with it?

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We're equal-opportunity lovers of global cuisine -- we'll eat pasta for lunch and bibimbap for dinner, followed by a midnight snack of chocolate croissants. Since we look to other cultures to discover excellent flavors, we figured we should turn to them for guidance on cookware too. Who better to look to than the French for the best pan for flipping crepes, or Morocco for the ideal tagine


Tapping into generations of culinary knowledge, we shopped the globe for an arsenal of cookware to make some of our favorite international dishes. We also uncovered some novel ingredients and tools to add to our repertoire, like Spain's finest paella rice and a bamboo pot scrubber

Once you stock up on your cookware, you'll want to put it all to use. Bookmark some of these international recipes, from a tender squash tagine to sugared Danish breakfast pancakes.


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