Recipes for our Barware Collection

November 20, 2013

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- so following that lead, we'll be making recipe collections to go alongside those that are in Provisions. Because recipes want to be together, too.??

Today: We're helping you build a well-stocked bar, and then we're all pouring ourselves a stiff drink.

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Whether you favor beer, bubbly champagne, or a stiff whiskey, we can all appreciate a good drink. And sure, it's fun to go out, but it's even better to be able to mix a cocktail in your kitchen that's just as good as you'd find in a bar. If whipping up flips, sours, and martinis seems intimidating, don't fret -- with the right gear and some useful guidance, you can master the art of the cocktail. Invest in a few basic tools, like a citrus press, a steel bar spoon, and an ice crusher, and you'll be toasting the season in no time. 


Once you've stocked your bar cart, get mixing. Practice makes perfect, so we've gathered a collection of some excellent drink recipes to try. Consider this a mandate to raise a glass and start your happy hour, any time of the day.


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