Dark Rye's The Unseen Bean

November 28, 2013

We are excited to bring you videos from Dark Rye, an online magazine created by our friends at Whole Foods Market. The magazine explores food, health, sustainability, design, tech and social enterprise.

Today: We hear the story of a man who does his coffee roasting in the dark.

Small batch coffee roasters have a cult-like following in our culture, especially in a place like Boulder, Colorado. Coffee now takes on wine-esque characteristics, and we have access to rare varietals. 

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A life-long food lover, Gerry Leary has been blind since birth. After an introduction to a coffee roaster, which upon hearing he mistook for a rock polisher -- he decided to go into the coffee business. He developed skills to roast beans to perfection by listening to the tumbling of the beans in the roaster, and of course, using his heightened sense of smell.  Leary's ability to roast to perfection is impressive, especially when one of the major draws of coffee is that caramel-y dark roasted glow the beans take on after roasting.

Read more about The Unseen Bean on Dark Rye.

Producer: Ira Chute
Editor: Jason De La Rosa


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Lactose intolerant cheese lover, who will walk blocks for a good cup of coffee. Recently escaped the corporate world, after discovering her favorite part of the job was ordering catering.

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Kate November 30, 2013
I live in Boulder and they do make good coffee! It was nice to learn more about the story behind the place.