Recipes for Our Cleaning Collection

January  4, 2014

We're all about collections over at Provisions -- so following that lead, we'll be making recipe collections to go alongside those that are in Provisions. Because recipes want to be together, too.??

Today: Bite the bullet and tackle cleaning. We've got some products to help, and some ideas for no-muss cooking to follow.

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It's 2014, and we're declaring it the year of a clean home. It's easy to keep things tidy with the right equipment on hand, like detergent that smells so good we actually want to do the laundry, and an old-fashioned broom that makes us want to dance around and sweep. Once we've cleaned house, we'll cook these easy one-bowl, one-pan recipes that will preserve the newly pristine condition of our kitchen. 


 Here's to clean slates, fresh starts, and good food.