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Our Latest Pinterest Scout-Sourced Product

February  6, 2014

We know that winter is clinging on and that venturing outside doesn't sound too appealing right now, but one of the latest additions to Provisions will soften the chill. This natural net bag from and so it goes will convince you to brave the crazy weather in the name of stocking up on fresh produce and juicy winter fruits.

Net Bag on Provisions by Food52  Net Bag on Provisions by Food52

The best part about all of this? It was sourced by one of our Pinterest scouts, Hannah Ferrara, the artist behind Another Feather. She creates beautiful jewelry and has an eye for simple, versatile items like this one. We could give you any number of reasons why we think the net bag is great, but we'll let Hannah explain why she loves it, in her own words.

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Hannah Ferrara on Food52

Here's what Hannah had to say about her new favorite Provisions item:

I saw these bags when I was in San Francisco last month and thought they were such a beautiful, practical item. I always use a traditional French net bag for produce, and loved this leather-handled variation. 

I often keep an extra bag with me for trips to the farmers market and grocery store, and this is the perfect, beautifully made, multipurpose bag to take with me. It seems like it can hold quite the load, too! I can't wait 'til spring when I can fill it with radishes and pea shoots, and (as always) plenty of lacinato kale.

The Best Apple Pie on Food52  Roasted Apple Butter on Food52

For now, I'll be using it to carry apples and citrus home from the market. I tend to do pretty traditional things with apples -- making crisps, cobblers, pies, et cetera -- but I always use unrefined sugars. Each year we go out to the orchards and pick tons of apples to last us through the season, and then towards the end we put what's left in a pot and cook it down down all day to make our thick spiced apple butter. This is canned to be enjoyed all year.

Citrus on Food52

All through the winter I try and eat a citrus fruit each day to help fight off the winter blues. Satsumas and blood oranges are my favorites for peeling and eating, and I will eat kumquats like candy. I also use the zests for vinaigrettes on winter greens; they add just the brightness you need to get you through the gray months.

Photo of Hannah by Olivia Rae James; All other photos by James Ransom

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    Mark Frisk
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Written by: MaggieRosenthal

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Mark F. February 10, 2014
Forgive me, but $120 for a woven net shopping bag is beyond outrageous. I don't care how one-of-a-kind it is, nor that the straps are made of leather. Completely ridiculous. And disappointing to see here.
lisa February 10, 2014
One hundred and twenty dollars. For a net shopping bag.
bookjunky February 7, 2014
Who cares about the bag. Where did she get that pretzel necklace is what I wanna know!
bookjunky February 7, 2014
Oops, never mind. google to the rescue and it is right here.