Video: How to Trim a Rib Rack

February 18, 2014

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Today: We're facing our fears and learning how to trim a rib rack on Mario Batali's How To Tuesdays series.

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Ribs are the mother of all comfort meats. They can be elegant, homey, and everything in between: strewn over creamy polenta, smothered in a sticky sauce, or simmered in a pot of thick, spicy chili. Sometimes, they even get a rub down with chocolate stout.

Ribs just get it. They get us. So why are we so afraid to approach them, to tackle them ourselves? We shouldn't leave the next opportunity to eat them to chance -- only bumping into our favorite cut at other people's dinner parties or at restaurants -- because trimming a rack of ribs yourself is simpler than you think. 

Chef Cruz Gola from Lupa Osteria Romana shows us how to do it, blow by blow. So, get thee to a butcher and invite some friends over -- then watch their jaws drop as you confidently turn this formidable hunk of meat into a simply soul-satisfying meal. 

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This video was made in collaboration with Mario Batali.

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Julie Myers

Written by: Julie Myers

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Richard H. February 19, 2014
I have found this is very diffcult with the animal still alive.