Anyone know of a "tried and true" northern Indian / Kashmiri or Punjabi cookbook? I've tried two cookbooks and the recipes were way off.

  • Posted by: ubs2007
  • January 15, 2012


ubs2007 January 15, 2012
Thank you for all of your suggestions! I'm actually an expat from London so Jaffri has come up. The only two Indian cookbooks I tried didn't detail the technique correctly or the spice ratio was completely off (e.g., chana masala and gajar ka Halva. I threw out both books, but one of them was entitled "A Thousand Indian Recipes". I'll try out the Jaffry book and the Kashmiri Cuisine. Miss my Kahva tea! Thanks again!
MaryMaryCulinary January 15, 2012
Have you tried Kashmiri Cuisine Through The Ages by Sarla Razdan? It was favourably reviewed on My Diverse Kitchen and I actually won the giveaway. You've just reminded me that I haven't used it yet. It was July when it arrived and I packed it away, it being too hot to cook. I'll have to dig it out now that it's freezing!
Louisa January 15, 2012
I second the recommendation of Madhur Jaffri's cookbooks--they are excellent.. I always use her method for cooking basmati rice-- lots of rinsing, aromatic spices and low, low cooking.
She's also an actress--dinner and a movie?
I would look for books by Madhur Jaffri (Indian origin but based in UK). She has over years helped to compile lots of authentic North Indian recipes and buzz around London

Let us know what you are trying to cook and there are lot of Indian around here who can help you.. smile

The S. January 15, 2012
In what way were the recipes off? There are a lot of good cookbooks that deal with different regions of India, but of course as an American I cannot completely confirm that they are totally authentic regionally speaking. :) Try India: The Cookbook by Pushpesh Pant for example.
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