Does anyone know of a marshmallow recipe that doesn't call for corn syrup? Or alternately of a less vile substitute for corn syrup that would



babytiger February 9, 2012
I've seen marshmallow recipes that uses invert sugar instead of corn syrup.
LornaFarris February 9, 2012
Brown rice syrup is also a good substitute for corn syrup. It has a similar consistency but is much better for you! The only thing is that you might have to play with the cooking times a little for certain recipes. If I remember correctly it needs to be cooked longer than corn syrup to achieve the same results.
Sam1148 February 8, 2012
Corn Syrup isn't the same as it's evil twin High Fructose Corn Syrup.
softpunk February 8, 2012
I know, but I avoid corn if the odds are good that it's GMO, and I would sort of assume that is the case with a product like corn syrup.
softpunk February 8, 2012
And besides, fructose isn't good for you no matter how its produced.
WispOfThought February 8, 2012
Dip a large marshmallow in butter then cinnamon sugar.
Put marshmallow in a Pillsbury Cressent Roll dough sealing all the edges.
Bake off in the oven. Great kids afternoon treat.
softpunk February 8, 2012
No, not a recipe that uses marshmallows, but rather one that produces them. This sounds like a great way to get a kid hopped up of processed food sugar bombs though!
Marnely February 8, 2012
This recipe via Stella Parks of Bravetart blog, you can just sub the corn syrup for honey or maple syrup; I have and they work perfectly!
Warning, when you boil honey, it smells like farm animals! And somehow when I made these, I attracted bees from outside. Not fun, but worth the results!
softpunk February 8, 2012
This sounds great and I will give it a try. Strange that boiling honey smells like a barn. Good thing I don't mind that smell! Though I guess I would t want to eat it.
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