Where is this week's contest?

I thought contests were posted on every other Weds. Will there not be a contest this week?



Kristen M. February 23, 2012
Thanks for your patience everyone -- we try to post new contests every other Wednesday at noon, but yesterday we were swept up prepping for a company party and there was a technical glitch that wasn't resolved till this morning. Here it is: http://www.food52.com/contests/279_your_best_canned_fish_recipe
susan G. February 23, 2012
Contests have gone to every other week. I don't know if this is one of the items covered, but the FAQ has been updated.
susan G. February 23, 2012
I just checked Contests, and the new one is posted -- as of 11 AM EST US. In the FAQ, it states Wednesday. The About Contests page linked to the Contests page has not been updated. On the list, I'm sure!
Panfusine February 23, 2012
I miss the weekly schedules.. Kept me inspired & on my toes!
em-i-lis February 23, 2012
I think they're posted on Thursdays, when the EPs for consideration come out...
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