Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker- Post- Flood Directions Help!

In a recent cellar flood, we lost instructions to new 2 qt.cuisinart ice cream maker. I saw the Amazon video saying to fereze the bowl 24 hrs, put it in base, add paddle and top, add mixture and turn on. Do I need any other instructions? Would you give me an example of quantity of base recipe- #cream, #sugar, #eggs etc? Thanks so much for taking the time to help.



Shalini March 7, 2012
I have the same ice cream maker and love it too. Here's a recipe for lemon curd ice cream:
LeBec F. March 6, 2012
mr, vittles, you are a very wonderful person.
BlueCat March 6, 2012
This recipe might help. Jeni uses a Cuisinart to test her recipes so the quantities will match. This, BTW, is a great recipe!

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Mr_Vittles March 6, 2012
Straight from the horse's mouth:
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