How do I make a great chicken tikka masala?

  • Posted by: @leesith
  • November 16, 2010


Jeters November 16, 2010
I've got a great chicken tikka masala recipe that tastes just like the restaurant version.
AntoniaJames November 16, 2010
If you go to the food52 site and search in the recipes, you'll find this one:

You'll see that I've commented on it many times, because I've made it many times. It's actually a chicken meatball recipe, but the sauce is amazing and versatile, so you could just saute some boneless chicken pieces (bite-sized) and use those instead (simmering them in the sauce for 10 or 15 minutes), if you don't want to make the meatballs. I highly recommend this. It's one of my top-ten favorite food52 recipes, of all time. ;o)
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