makeing ice cream

Mis- read the recipe and added too much cream (3/4 cup too much). What can I do to salvage? It's Jenni's Milk Chocolate from Jenni's Splendid Ice Creams.

Stephanie G


Reiney May 2, 2012
I can't see the recipe for the ratios - so without knowing exactly what you have now, my guess is that you have two options.

One is to spin it as is - it will just be less rich and, depending on how much more the cream is, potentially have more crystals (like an ice milk sorbet).

Two is to make an additional anglaise with a small amount of cream and a few more yolks: heat more cream with a touch of sugar and temper into the yolks. Return to the pan and cook until it reaches 82C on a thermometer. Mix into your current mixture (potentially adding more chocolate?) and proceed. You'll probably have more mix than you can spin in the machine now, so split in half and spin twice, or keep some aside.

A third might be to heat the mix you have now and temper it into egg yolks, but that depends on the chocolate: I'm not sure you'd want to cook the anglaise with the chocolate mixed in.
Merrill S. May 2, 2012
Can you add more of the other ingredients? If not, it will probably still be delicious -- just very rich!
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