How to cook couscous

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babytiger October 14, 2012
I heat up stock in the microwave. When hot, I add the same amount of cous ous as the liquid, give it a stir and cover it with plastic wrap. Let it sit for 5 minutes, fluff with a fork and it's ready to eat. I like to toss cooked cous cous with roasted vegetables.
Maedl October 13, 2012
If I am making cous cous--the Moroccan one-pot meal, not just the pasta--I put the cous cous (pasta) into a fairly fine sieve and hang it over the stew, covered with a lid. The steam cooks the cous cous and the flavors from the stew permeate the pasta, so it has added flavor. You can find pots made specifically for the purpose, but the jerry-rigged version works quite well for me. After the pasta is steamed, add a hunk of butter and work it through the pasta with your hands, seperating the tiny 'grains'. This lightens them and prevents a solid mass from forming.
Kristen M. October 12, 2012
Basic couscous couldn't be easier -- usually just boil water (or stock), stir, take off heat and cover to steam for 5 minutes (the exact directions will normally be on the package). Here are some great couscous recipes:
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