Hanging Pots and Pans in a Kitchen: Do any of you hang your pots and pans over your stoves?

I've seen it done in photos, but have always thought it seemed so impractical. And having been taken to task for making a comment to that effect in the copper cleaning feature -- http://www.food52.com/blog... -- I'm really curious as to whether any regular cooks actually do hang their pans over their stoves. Seeking to understand before seeking to be understood, I'd love to hear from you out there on whether you do it, and how it works out for you. Thanks! ;o)



ChefJune December 11, 2012
Not over the stove exactly, but I do have a large, custom pot rack that hangs over the center of my kitchen (which, because of the size of the room, is partially over the stove). My kitchen is 7 X 14, and I need to make use of all possible space, including the air space. I find it really convenient to reach up and grap a pot or pan. Although I must admit my SO frequently hits his head on one of the low hanging (large) skillets.
soupcon December 11, 2012
I have hung pots and pans in kitchens with not enough storage space and presently hang cooking implements such as spatulas, tongs, colanders, measuring cups and spoons; in short anything with a ring or hole in the handle is fair game. It all gets washed regularly so nothing gets greasy especially since I have massive fan over the range which works like a dream. Hanging all this stuff means it is really to hand and I don't need to hunt for most things I use regularly.
Midge December 11, 2012
We recently moved our rack from above the stove to above a working counter area. My kitchen is pretty tight so it's not that much of a stretch to grab a pot, and well worth it to avoid that greasy dusty sheen.
Greenstuff October 23, 2012
What I've always wanted to do but never have is hang the pots over the sink so that they could drip dry!
Sadassa_Ulna October 23, 2012
I do! We had a nice rack in our old house that we accidentally left behind. When we moved into our current house nearly 15 years ago the stove was directly under a window, so I installed three hooks on the wood trim (they are like bathroom robe hooks) and on each hook I placed one or two of our most used items. I love the convenience and because I use the items so often I don't see grease/dust accumulate. It is a real space saver. The items I keep there are a colander, a large saucepan, a small saucepan, a steamer insert and a small cast iron skillet. It's not very pretty but it works great.
bigpan October 23, 2012
Yes I do ! I have a "U" shaped kitchen and the pots hang over the peninsula - the opposite side from the stovetop, so, not that much grease collects on them. Also, I am not afraid of using the hood fan when there might be excess grease in the air - just turn up the music for the guests. Also, all my pots and pans are copper, so they make an attractive room divider between the cooking area and eating area - especially since I am a slave to cleaning them and making the shine. I also enjoy having the extra drawer space.
NakedBeet October 23, 2012
SInce cleaning is a major major hate, I will avoid any extra work, so despite liking the way this looks if it's not too crazy or cluttered, I don't leave any pots out because of Sarah's same response-oil and dust will inevitably collect. Unless....they're hanging really out of the way of cooking oils, but I guess that would defeat the point of convenience.
Reiney October 23, 2012
I used to, and love the idea of it - the problem is the amount of greasy dust that tends to collect on the pans (even frequently used ones!).
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