What's the best way to cook dove?



aargersi January 9, 2013
I just made the dove risottos from AFIELD - you simmer the breasts in water with bay leaf, then strain the liquid and save it. Pick the meat off the bone and chop it. Then the risotto - saute minced onion in a little butter. Add sliced mushrooms, then arborio rice. Start ladling in that bay/dove stock, stirring all the while. When the rice is to your liking stir in the meat, along with a pat of butter and some parmesan. The bay broth and dark dove meat really make it something special.
KellyH702 January 10, 2013
I love risotto, thank you for your reply!
Verdigris January 8, 2013
My favorite way is to clean the dove breast so you have those two yummy small lumps of meat. Place a lemon slice between them. Salt and Pepper over all. Wrap in back. Cook in hot smoker for 10 minutes.

Most people over cook dove. It does not need much cooking time. Avoid all recipes that call for cooking for hours on end. They are nasty!
KellyH702 January 10, 2013
Great advice thanks so much!
Sam1148 January 8, 2013
I like whole small birds like quail and dove in a "looing sauce".
1 or 2C soy sauce, 1/2 cup sake,1/4 cup brown sugar; then aromatics, a couple cloves of garlic, 2 star ansie, about 8 quarter sized slices of ginger, Orange peel, lemon peel.
Make enough to cover the birds. Add more soy and some water to be sure the birds submerge. A small plate will help hold them down.

Bring to a boil..add birds (put kitchen twine in a loop under the wings). Bring back to boil after you add the birds---TURN OFF THE HEAT. Cover. Wait 20 mins.
Hang the birds up with the twine and let them drip dry (use a hair dryer to speed that up). After the skin is very dry...drop them in about 2 cups of hot oil to crisp up the skin---they're fully cooked at that point from the simmering the sauce. Just crisp up the skin.

You can save the looing sauce and freeze to use again. Cornish game hens are good--but for those let rest in the sauce 1 hr to cook through.
KellyH702 January 10, 2013
Sounds great!! Thank you!!!
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