Food ideas for a new mom?

My really good friend is fixing to have her first baby and I want to provide her with quite a few meals so that neither she nor her dh have to worry about food. They live about 30 minutes from me, which makes it not so practical to take a meal every day. I was thinking about making several things that I could put in the freezer, they could have leftovers, would be real easy for him to prepare (he is not a cook). any ideas? They do not like gourmet-type foods (which we would be too expensive for me to prepare anyway), but otherwise are pretty good eaters. Help? Thanks in advance!

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1 Comment

IlovePhilly February 3, 2013
Not to be too boring, but lasagna is my go-to for easy freezer meals for friends in-need.

Also good: taco kits, hearty salad kits, big vats of bean chili, large quantities of homemade hummus (really does freeze great, I swear).
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