Easy artichoke choke removal

I love stuffed artichokes and make lots of them when I do make them....but, find removing the choke soooo difficult. Is there a tool, or trick anyone knows of?

Lynne Rothenberg


Greenstuff February 12, 2013
My melon baller has a serated edge, and I'd thought it was pretty typical. Mine looks like this http://www.cutleryandmore.com/content/products/large/8998.jpg

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Greenstuff February 11, 2013
I use a melon baller, but I probably use it just like a grapefruit spoon.
Joey E. February 12, 2013
I just removed the chokes from several artichokes I am hoping to stuff on Thursday for dinner. Should I freeze them until then? And can I use the leaves (steam then maybe)?
pierino February 12, 2013
Yes, a melon baller is exactly what I use as well. But I also trim the tough leaves and skin the stem so that what goes out on the plate is entirely edible.
ChefJune February 12, 2013
Only problem with the melon-baller is it doesn't have that serrated edge that makes getting under the choke so muche easier.
WileyP February 11, 2013
I rarely stuff mine, but once they are steamed, I'll cut them in half top-to-bottom and use a spoon to dig out the choke. I like Cathy's idea of a grapefruit spoon, though, and will pick one up next time I'm in the big city!
cookbookchick February 11, 2013
I bought a set on eBay. Also saw some at Target the other day. They are handy -- also for grapefruit! ;-)
MrsWheelbarrow February 11, 2013
I use an old grapefruit spoon. It's perfect, with the serrated edge, for digging out just the hairy spiky part and leaving the heart.
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