Can anyone recommend a good cutting board

  • Posted by: lakshmi
  • March 27, 2013


Diana B. July 4, 2013
I like the Oxo cutting board, although you can clearly see where you've been cutting after a while. Reversible with a trough around one side for carving meats or anything else juicy. Non-skid.
QueenSashy July 3, 2013
I also like Epicurean.
QueenSashy July 3, 2013
I also like Epicurean.
Adianne July 3, 2013
Wooden boards are the best in my opinion and a high quality wooden board with good care will last your lifetime.

I too like the Boos boards.
dymnyno March 28, 2013
I have the big three inch thick baby that I bought at the it! It like a butcher block table on my counter top.
petitbleu March 28, 2013
We have a gigantic Boos block (about 3 feet square) on a stand, and we use it constantly. It doubles as counter space as well. We scour it regularly and rub it with mineral oil. The absolute best cutting surface ever! Of course, it's a big commitment--moving the thing is a bear of a job, and you do have to maintain it, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
For smaller boards, I love bamboo cutting boards, since they don't warp (I wouldn't put them in the dishwasher, though) and are incredibly strong, but for meat I would also advise an Epicurean board.
Linn March 28, 2013
For plants I use Bamboo boards. And for protein, I use a washable sanitizable board made by Epicurean. Since I do not own a dishwasher, I use white vinegar or sometimes bleach. It is really important to avoid cross-contamination so you will need to have at least two boards.
Adianne March 28, 2013
Boos is a good brand cutting board. Can find at William Sonoma. R
pierino March 28, 2013
I'll second the John Boos boards but you do have to take good care of them. I also really like the Chinese iron wood boards. They happen to be really inexpensive and durable. Sometimes cracks develop but with correct maintenance you deal with that. NEVER put a cutting board in your dish washer. The ironwood boards are easily found in Chinatown shops and are available on-line through the Wok Shop in San Francisco.
burnindowndahouse March 28, 2013
Best ones I got for my wedding were from the food network!!
Lizziebird March 27, 2013
Epicurean. They are made out of condensed material that don't hold bacteria like wood and plastic. Best part? They are dishwasher safe. They don't look bad either. . .
pierino March 28, 2013
But the worst part with Epicurean boards is that they are really rough on your knives.
Omeletta March 27, 2013
I have this Martha Stewart cutting board (link below) and I absolutely love it. I've had it about four years and it hasn't cracked at all, and the rubber gripper feet on the bottom are super handy. Great heft and easily washed. (link: )
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