What is a good tasting substitute for cow's milk?

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SeaJambon April 2, 2013
Haven't heard anyone mention coconut milk - that's my favorite. It is much thicker and "creamier" (and more flavorful) than rice or almond milks. Kind of depends on what you want to do -- simply drink a glass or use it for cooking.
ZombieCupcake April 1, 2013
Almond milk I agree tastes the best for none dairy..
AntoniaJames April 1, 2013
What are you using it for? Homemade almond milk (which does not, by the way, taste insipid, at least not to me) often works well as a substitute. It depends, though, on the recipe or use. Here's a link to a How-to Post here http://food52.com/recipes/20945-homemade-almond-milk ;o) P.S. I would agree with pierino that the boxed, store-bought kind tastes not just insipid, but downright awful. But then, I'm kind of picky.
smslaw April 1, 2013
Try moose milk, but try not to startle the moose. They can get cranky.
trampledbygeese April 1, 2013
Goat milk works well. some people who cannot drink cow's milk can digest goats milk.

For a more vegan option, soy, rice and almond milk are the usual choices. There is a mild controversy around unfermented soy products, and people with nut allergies cannot eat almond milk, I tend to go with rice milk when I can't get goat/cow's.
pierino April 1, 2013
I agree on goat milk. But soy, rice etc. milk substitutes taste insipid to me.
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