Defrosting steaks

I have three 8 oz filet mignons in freezer. I'd like to cook on Sat. When should I take them out of the freezer?

Stephanie G


I have never heard of "Harold McGee" but that is the same method that I have used for many years. I am always scrambling to find something to cook when I come home late from a trip and going to a grocery isn't an option and besides nothing breaks the magic of a vacation in a faraway place like having to shop at your local grocery.
petitbleu June 6, 2013
I love the quick thaw method of submerging cuts of meat in warm water (à la Harold McGee as mentioned above), but since you're thinking about it so far in advance and don't need to thaw in a hurry, just pull them out of the freezer a day in advance and thaw in the fridge.
shoresdiver June 5, 2013
Make that overcook....
shoresdiver June 5, 2013
IMHO- I'm not a chef, but freezing and defrosting (particularly quickly) has to affect the protein due to cell rupture. A slow defrost is certainly preferable, and a complete defrost is probably required (or you will overlook)

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sexyLAMBCHOPx June 3, 2013
I would love a Food52 feature on how to defrost meat, chicken and seafood. It's an aversion I have because I second guess myself constantly with the defrosting time in the refrigerator. I stopped "stocking up" on high grade meat because I cant always figure out what I'm looking for while I defrost. For example, should the meat be completely thawed? What if there're ice crystals remaining? After I thaw, and sense any integrity of the protein is compromised, I throw it away. Am I crazy or what? Tutorial please!
ChefJune June 3, 2013
I also concur with Suzanne. I prefer them to thaw slowly in the fridge, and to be completely thawed before cooking. I also dry them thoroughly before exposing to heat.
HalfPint June 3, 2013
If the filets are packaged in plastic, you can use the quick method outlined by Harold McGee.
Monita June 3, 2013
I think you could even take them out Friday morning and they's be ready for Sat.
sdebrango June 3, 2013
I would put them in the refrigerator to defrost on Thursday night and they should be sufficiently defrosted by Saturday.
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