Recommendations for restaurants in Barcelona, Spain?



Maedl November 15, 2016
Here's something else to explore: walking tours through Barcelona with a culinary focus. I discovered them in Istanbul and spent a fine day eating my way through the area around the Spice Bazaar.
Maedl November 15, 2016
My favorite meal in Barcelona was at Taverna Hofman--
It has several sister restaurants, but I was not able to try the others.
Here's an excerpt from my notes on the meal:
The meal began with a small loaf of an airy bread with a magnificently crisp crust topped with olive oil and artichokes grilled with thin slices of Catalan sausage, which was topped with a foam and big grains of salt. The main course was monkfish laquered with a sauce of ham and accompanied by bread rubbed through with tomatoes. I drank a glass of cava with this. Then, because the taverna was known for its desserts, I tried one--yuzu sorbet doused with gin and tonic and topped with whipped cream. It was sour, bitter, and a little bit sweet--a flavor that lingered in my mouth all the way home.

I also like Mercato Santa Caterina--it's a good place for lunch. I usually head for the cafe/restaurant on the side of the market and sit at the bar.

I would NOT recommend La Paradeta, which was generating a lot of buzz this past summer. Maybe if you speak Spanish, it may be easier and better, but I did not like it. Again, an excerpt from my notes:

From there I walked to Sagrada Familia, where I had a ticket for 2:30. I was there by 12:45 so decided to try a place I had heard about--La Paradeta--for lunch. It is a popular fish restaurant, but damned if I know why it is so popular. I waited in a fairly short line for 15 minutes until it opened at 1 pm. Then I waited even longer, til 1:35 before I got through the line and placed my order. The woman who served me hugely overestimated the quantity one person could eat, and then I had to wait even longer, until the fish was cooked. It came out in drips and drabs, and each plate required getting up from the table to get the plate from the counter. The fish was good quality, but nary an herb nor clove of garlic, much less salt or pepper, was used to season the fish. And no salt or pepper was on the table. Let's see. Noisy, loud, uncomfortable, chaotic . . . all would well describe the place! 

jakestavis November 14, 2016
wondering if anyone has new suggestions... I'll be in catalunya (barcelona, begur, and the garrotxa) the last week of December through the first week of January. it seems like a number of restaurants I had wanted to try might be closed due to the holiday so I am looking for as many suggestions as I can get! moltes gracies
Cristina S. July 27, 2013
Here is the most recent Eater Barcelona Heatmap (from December), with links to past heatmaps: And I second what Pierino says--restaurants open around 9pm.
bigpan July 27, 2013
Walk a block or two away from las ramblas into barri gothic and you will find many little tapa bars that are very good. Walk in to check out the offerings on display before deciding.
Or, walk away from placa cataluna towards segrada familia and look for a restaurant called Gaudi's - order the paella.
pierino July 26, 2013
Agut Avignon in the Barrio Gottico is good.Close to the old Cathedral not the Gaudi one. Don't expect to get a reservation before 9:00. That's just life in Catalunya, the restaurants really don't open for business before then. If you arrive at 9:05 you will likely be the first guests.
Sam1148 July 26, 2013's a tapas bar but I'm sure you could make dinner out of it. I haven't been buy since El Bulli closed it's the next best thing.
It's own by Ferran and Albert Adria of El Bulli fame.
Lisa November 15, 2016
Just went to Tickets in September- it was definitely a great meal and we ended up meeting some great people too!
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