Extra eggs...

Hi all! I accidentally put one extra egg in the dough for this bread.http://smittenkitchen.com...

Will this have some sort of disastrous outcome or won't it really be noticeable?
Thanks in advance!

Trudie Spangenberg


Winifred R. October 8, 2013
I don't think so, maybe more from shaping if you rolled from the center out would be my expectation. If the very center didn't get rolled over, maybe the bubble developed in a bit of a pocket that was a little different texturally because of that. Sounds like you did well all the same.
Winifred R. October 7, 2013
Sorry not to have responded sooner. I agree with petitbleu, as long as you added a bit of extra flour so the texture felt right for kneading, it should be fine. It may be a bit eggier and richer, but that may be even better in a filled bread with lemon curd. Let us know how it turned out.
Trudie S. October 8, 2013
Thanks for the answer! It actually turned out really well - the texture was quite chewy, but in a buttery, delicious way. It did, however, rise A LOT while baking and ended up with a sort of elongated bubble in the middle - could that be due to the extra bit of egg white?
petitbleu October 7, 2013
I think you'll probably be fine. The dough may be stickier than normal, but just dust it with flour and proceed. Looks yummy!
Trudie S. October 7, 2013
Great, thanks so much!
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